Visualizing Freedom: a workshop on art, incarceration & liberation

Flyer for #HowAreWeFree visualizing freedom workshopSaturday April 27 from 1:30 – 3:30

Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Ave in Philadelphia

Join the LifeLines Project for a participatory arts workshop that explores the artwork featured in the How Are We Free exhibit, which was created collaboratively by people who have been sentenced to die in prison and visual artists from across the country. Participants will investigate – in hands on and creative ways – what freedom means in a society that routinely locks people in cages for decades, and what it would take to actually imagine a more liberatory and transformative future. This is an opportunity to engage more deeply with some of the artwork and the writings and process that generated them.

This workshop is the closing event for the How Are We Free exhibit at Studio 34. How Are We Free explores the nature of freedom and confinement through creative collaboration between people who have been sentenced to die in prison and visual artists outside the prison walls. Visual economies and regimes of power have been massively employed by the state and the media in order to criminalize people. This exhibit interrupts those regimes and instead invites viewers to investigate what actually creates conditions for safety, healing, justice, transformation, and liberation.

Accessibility info: Once you enter the door, there is a steep flight of stairs leading up to the space space.