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Avis Lee on the Endless Frustrations/Pain of Life Without Parole

Letter from Avis Lee on July 20, 2014

Interview #1

I could have certainly answered the questions with a lot more uplifting tone, however, it would have been BS. The reality of a life sentence is ugly; it’s brutal, barbaric, and unending torture of the psyche for sure. Add to that the fact that you’re not the killer and it’s just pure HELL.

Believe me when I tell you that I’m a fighter. I have more support on the outside than I’ve ever had before… but, I’m getting tired fighting. I’ve been locked-up teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s. I’m just weary. I feel like I’m a burden on everyone. I feel like I’m a project sometimes – “the girl with the life sentence” – instead of just Avis.

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Avis Lee on Challenging DBI and Imagining the Future

Letter from Avis Lee in October of 2014

Interview #2

If you had the PA General Assembly’s ear or the Governor’s ear for ten minutes, what would you say to them/him?

In 1973, when the legislature revamped the Sentencing Code a seed of confusion and inconsistency was planted regarding parole for lifers. Their (the legislature’s) reworking of the Sentencing Code includes a provision which appeared to extend parole eligibility for some lifers.  Continue Reading

Avis Lee on Resistance and Public Engagement with Politicians

Letter from Avis Lee on January 18, 2015

Interview #3

What questions would you ask the other people serving life sentences who are participating in this project? Are there specific things you would most like to hear them respond to?

What do you do to keep hope alive concerning regaining your freedom? How do you handle aging, specifically how do you try to counteract its effects on your mind and body?  Continue Reading