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James Canady on the Injustice of Juvenile Life Sentences

Letter from James Canady on July 15, 2014

Interview #1

Please tell us something about yourself. Feel free to include whatever you feel comfortable or interested in sharing.

My name is James Canady and I been in prison for 7 years now. It is important to note that I am a juvenile lifer, and a young man trying to search for freedom. I cannot get too deep into my case because I’m still in the early stages of my legal fight, however I will admit that I made some bad decisions in life. Now that I am a little older, I’ve had time to think and grow. I just want you to know that the most important thing in my life is my family who I miss and love very much. Continue Reading

James Canady on Mass Incarceration and the Need to Speak Out

Letter from James Canady on December 23, 2014

Interview #2

You write in your letter that you have been speaking with older men to help you mature and develop, Can you tell us more about the mentorship or guidance you have received from others inside of prison? What do those relationships look like and how are they built/fostered? Do you feel like you are also a mentor to others?

First I’ll like to say that mentorship in here is not at a all time high but when I do speak with the older guys its nothing but love. The relationships is really built on the life sentence. About me being a mentor I am still learning myself but when I can help a friend I do. Continue Reading