#DawudTaughtMe: Levi

I first learned about Dawud through his writing about Transformative Justice. Then, working with a correspondence course that he designed for AddressThis!, I got the opportunity to transcribe the words of others as they encountered Dawud’s profound intellect as a teacher. I have learned so much from the courses he designed and the articles he has written, and from witnessing the experiences of others as they learn from him as well. He’s been a teacher and a mentor to many and someone who I am profoundly grateful to have been able to be in community alongside his work and many people that he has taught and mentored from the inside. His thought has been a big part of my education and growth around issues of incarceration and justice. His example has been really galvanizing to me in considering what I have to give and what a difference one person can make. He is always thinking and teaching and growing, and his example has challenged me to consider the ways in which I am able to use my resources, labor and imagination to support others and to work towards a better future. Hearing his voice from behind bars has changed my life and challenged me to be a more thoughtful, committed and ethical person. His freedom will both directly and indirectly benefit so many communities and lives.