#DawudTaughtMe: Val

Dawud has taught me so many things that I could never fit them on one piece of paper. Every time I speak with Dawud, I learn something new or see a new perspective. Dawud is one of the most powerful educators that I know because he is not afraid to tell people the hard truth and he models the leadership that he teaches. I know for a fact that when Dawud comes home, he will bring immense value to our community and uplift so many people who are craving that type of love and leadership.

Dawud is always reading and writing. Years ago, he sent me an article he wrote on ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) that taught me the role that this trauma plays in leading people into the prison system. He introduced me to the book Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy, which rooted my understanding of our abolitionist struggle today in the generations of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual trauma that African Americans have endured in this country. Dawud gives me hope that we can heal individually and collectively.