#DawudTaughtMe: William Yem Case

#DawudTaughtMe humility and showed me how to not only change, but to improve myself so I can then in turn help others. Dawud has inspired me to be educated and showed me the essential importance of being understanding and always listening.

Dawud has had a great impact on my life. Before we met, I had issues managing the myriad of different feeling I had from being oppressed, incarcerated and treated in a subservient way. He taught me how to channel my feelings positively: by reading, writing, and talking thru problems and differences. For every action, there is a reaction. It is your choice to react negatively or positively. He taught me not to allow anyone to take the power I have over myself. He helped me learn to think things thru and to use my energy positively. Dawud taught me that focusing on negatives is wasted energy. He taught me to see the good and be the good.