Mechie Scott

The thing that keeps me fighting is instinct. Imprisonment is not our natural habitat. This is not my home. Every creature wants to be free to go wherever they want. Humans are no different. I don’t think about the majority who will die in here, whether that includes me or not. I focus on what keeps me from becoming complacent in prison for the rest of my life!

– Marie “Mechie” Scott

Marie “Mechie” Scott is an organizer, writer, and lifelong advocate for children of incarcerated parents. While she’s been incarcerated, she has written legislation, started support groups, and participated in numerous projects and organizations. She was born in Harlem, New York on the fourth of July and is the mother of two children. She is a writer and editor, as well as an aspiring pianist. She is featured in Howard Zehr’s book Doing Life: Reflections of Men and Women Serving Life Sentences. She has been serving a death by incarceration sentence for the last 45 years.