Clinton Walker

“It would be good if members of the public were to ask themselves if they are the same person that they once were 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. If not, then I would ask why they expect anything less from men and women in the system. I believe with the combined ingredients of a real sense of hope – which is a real chance at freedom from what has become a re-occurring nightmare for many of us ­– and a clear focus/practice on rehabilitation, rather than retribution, the so-called “worst of the worst” would be the top prospects to be re-integrated into society.”

Clinton Walker is a an avid reader, a writer, and a poet. His poetry has been published in Apiary Magazine. He’s also a self-proclaimed singer, though many who have heard his vocals would strongly disagree. Though he’s had few opportunities for academic achievement, he takes pride in the fact that he’s been able to develop a strong mental strength and character despite the horrors, hardships, and assaults of the prison system. Originally from Philadelphia, he’s been serving a Juvenile Life Without Parole sentence for the last 18 years.